OTLAV S.p.A produces and sells hinges for doors and windows and other accessories for frames.
Founded in 1956 by entrepreneur Angelo Padovan, Otlav has produced more than 2.2 billion of hinges since 1956.
Thanks to almost 100 filed patents, Otlav ensures high quality standards and is present with its wide range of products in more than 80 countries worldwide.

In 2007 the new headquarter in Santa Lucia di Piave became operative, created with excellent technologies and cutting-edge operational tools, it is a gem in the field of automation and allows cost reduction of both management and production.


Group’s companies:


MYRTUS: founded in 1990 in Maniago (PN) specialized in galvanic treatments.


SAMARCU: founded 2002 in Romania is focused on some high-tech producing processes.


Work as a commitment, an inspiration and the fulfilment of one’s personality.

The workplace becomes an environment where lifetime is well spent and a space where each life leaves its unmistakable imprint and everything is always aligned with the highest degree of individual capacity. A single enthusiasm whose expression in a collective context identifies with a unique goal: to think, to act and to strive for progress.

Picture of the artist Giovanni Bisson from Santa Lucia depicting life scenes in Otlav, given to the owners by the workers in 1996. In the foreground right the founder Angelo Padovan

New Headquartes




Automated and synchronized flow of both materials and information between the various departments of the company. Four years of research and projects have designed the perfect layout, above which the new plant was designed and built. This has raised the level of efficiency and has resulted in great reduction of management and production costs.

A small group of highly specialized professionals are responsible for continuous innovation, anticipating and responding to the incessant changing needs of the market, resulting from new and emerging technologies. The operators of this pioneering unit, which has always had a strategic value in the success of the hinges produced by OTLAV, work closely with the sales unit which directly operates in the market for the acquisition of basic information meant for the creation of new products . At the same time they are constantly engaged in the development and engineering of the integrated automation process of the OTLAV manufacturing plant.
A management system of the latest generation, powered by real time data coming from each machine on the progress of production through an articulated and comprehensive network of computers, that supervise the planning and production scheduling. Analyzing sales orders, considering the capacity and the availability of production facilities, in an autonomous and automatic way through algorithmic calculations, this system optimizes the use of the company’s resources by addressing the needs of the customer as well as satisfying such needs as quickly as possible. OTLAV’s Production Planning module participates in the Integrated Information System of Production, and through an efficient synergy, it cooperates with the various subsystems : Warehouses, Logistics, Progressive Production, and Quality Control.
OTLAV is the only company in this sector that can boast of a genuine autonomy in production processes, starting from design and construction of its own machinery and equipment, to maintenance and repair of the same. Moreover, OTLAV is directly in charge of all the special processes and those relating to the range of all the finishes that characterize and add value to OTLAV hinges. This result is achieved thanks to the excellence of two companies of the group: Myrtus which deals with all galvanic treatments and Samarcu which deals with powder coating. With this organizational and technical structure, OTLAV is able to have full management control of production processes, protecting itself against external contingencies, and therefore increasing the efficiency of programming and boosting the degree of customer service and customer satisfaction.
The new automated warehouse is the heart of OTLAV’s efficiency, and through a functional system meant for the "Automatic Material Handling ", it interfaces with the internal transport subsystem of LGV(Laser Guided Vehicles). This complex system of logistics integrates itself into the OTLAV company system, which has been strongly desired in the quest to obtain an advanced management of all movement of materials (from raw materials to semi-finished and finished products). It is also able to support the supply system of all production departments including all check-in and shipment areas in the fastest time possible. The streaming of data on sales, production and delivery of hinges, pintles and caps are managed by a special processing unit that synchronizes the communication between the various systems, ensuring their integrity.
From 01 March 1982, the Data Processing Center otherwise known in Italian as “Centro Elaborazione Dati” (CED),is the strategic resource that ensures OTLAV the implementation of special instruments and advanced technology for the control and management of its activities. OTLAV has become the market leader, thanks to the willingness and ability to maintain a high level of efficiency in its information system - a real nervous system of the company. With the intervention in the logistic and production areas, linked to positioning in the new building, OTLAV systems have made a quality leap, managing all corporate functions in their entirety. The data processing system is based on physical and virtual servers, networks, storage and backup drives, housed in a fully equipped data center, using architectures of high reliability to ensure operational continuity. They are connected between themselves and with the respective workstations, which are distributed in all the company through a well-constructed and efficient network, which has also high reliability criteria, and which uses optical fiber connections, copper and wireless ones. The communication with the other companies of the group and with outside is provided by two broadband connections to the Internet. Appropriate means of control, constantly updated, together with careful management of security policies, ensure a high level of the systems efficiency and data processing.
"The way towards perfection. Padovan Φ Quality" a sentence that stands out on the inner walls of the factory.
A philosophy of quality, that of Otlav , which aims to perfection symbolized by the divine proportion of Φ, and that is realized since 1984 in the Quality Control Office, which, through a constant monitoring of the products and the quick identification of strategies for solving problems, has the purpose of offering new ways of working so as to obtain articles of always better quality. The Office also pays great attention to the choice of suppliers and contractors with whom a great cooperation is held; it organizes training courses for internal staff and takes care of CE certifications and performance declarations. The Laboratory " IUS " (Intensive Use Simulation ) is constantly used for the CE certification of Otlav products and can issue test certificates.
Quality is the winning philosophy for OTLAV .



Latest lathes for producing items from 3 mm to 35 mm. Automatic issuing of XR cards to keep abreast of international quality standards.


OTLAV has developed an own technology to achieve outstanding results in production yields and quality. This is a vanguard department and every press is by now the heart of an island that brings together five(5) operating machines and allows to get in the production line real technological jewels.


Specific stage of processing that requires ancient knowledge of steel deformation and creep . It is only a fifty-years experience, combined with the passion of those who work in a stimulating environment, that is able to make the best out of such complex operations which would otherwise be impossible to deal with.


All the machineries are the result of over fifty years of know-how and unceasing improvement. All the machineries are designed and implemented within OTLAV by the appropriate and competent “Otlav Engineering Division.” These machines do not exist in the market and are the pride of dozens of technicians who have invested a substantial part of their lives in OTLAV.


Even the islands of this new department, with stations of up to eighteen robot positions, have all been designed and constructed entirely by "Otlav Engineering Division."


Department with injection presses of plastics coating materials having high technical characteristics aimed at specific needs.


Department with vertical presses of various tonnages, with complex subservient automatic machinery.


The recently opened new pressure casting workshop is equipped with the most modern facilities. Best quality standards and highest performances characterize the manufacturing of high-precision metal components.


It is the creative force which stands behind OTLAV’s complete autonomy and independence from external circumstances. All molds are made here; 75% of the machineries needed for production purposes are also manufactured here and it is here that all maintenance operations of both ordinary and extraordinary, both mechanical and electronic products are executed. This department is OTLAV’s flagship because it is the result of studies, analysis and experiences accumulated by employees of the company since 1956 and handed on from the oldest to the youngest ones, who are steadily immersed in the various departments to learn the “art” and keep alive OTLAV great technological tradition.


It is a highly automated multi-functional department with a high concentration and cooperation of various functions and technologies: stacker cranes which collect and store pallets and crates; shuttles loading and depositing materials at the various points of entry or exit of the “Automatic Material Handling” ring or towards shipping bays; the station for automatic proportioning of the containers ;the robotic station for the recognition and counting of parts in entry; the system of packaging and palletising the finished product; the equipped picking bays . The service of transporting materials through the warehouse,the production departments and the check-in or inspection area is ensured by automatic laser-guided carts or Laser Guided Vehicles (LGV). Everything is governed by an efficient management system which is integrated in the general computer system of the company.